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Interested in Exhibiting or Sponsoring at the Florida Pickleball Expo?

At the Florida Pickleball Expo, 

Our Expo bridges the gap between industry buyers, sellers, and the vast community of pickleball enthusiasts in Florida, including players, professionals, and newcomers to the sport. With offerings tailored to diverse interests, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

 About the Expo
  • The Florida Pickleball Expo is an annual event held at the Florida State fairgrounds and is the central hub where industry leaders, companies, players and enthusiasts converge.  Exhibiting allows companies to showcase their products and services directly to corporate buyers as well as an engaged audience, fostering brand visibility and recognition.  The Florida Pickleball Expo is an industry wide trade show featuring corporate buyers as well as a consumer category where you can sell directly on the floor in addition to writing orders. Your exhibit space enables you to display, demonstrate and even sell your products directly at the show.If your company is either directly or indirectly dealing within the pickleball industry, then the Florida Pickleball Expo is a must attend event!

Connect with industry buyers and sellers, along with a diverse array of seasoned players and newcomers to the sport, in face-to-face interactions at all our events.

Participate in order writing and immediate sales opportunities, enabling you to showcase products on-site and process orders promptly.

Explore cross-over potentials by fostering lucrative connections with purchasers across pickleball and related categories like racquet sports, apparel, and accessories.

Anticipate attendees eager to discover new products and equipment, offering prime opportunities for introduction.

Seize the advantage of being among the first to market in your region, amplifying your visibility and market presence.

Elevate and expand your brand reputation, fostering growth and resonance within your target audience.

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What to Expect at our Event

  • Demo Paddles, Gloves, Grips, Balls
  • Court Shoes, Apparel & Accessories
  • Training Aids, Nets & Equipment
  • Pickleball Communities & Restaurants
  • Court Builders & Resurfacing
  • Family & Kids Programs/Leagues
  • Exciting Fashion Show!
  • Key Note Speaking Opportunities
  • B2B Exhibitors
  • Meet with Corporate Buyers
  • B2C Exhibits
  • Continuing Ed Courses & Seminars
  • Attend Seminars and Education Sessions
  • Attendance to the Key Note & Speakers
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